A day in Pipers (busy) life

Hi guys, it’s me piper. I’m telling you how it’s like to be in my super busy life. So leggo.

first I wake up (it’s summer so no school yay) first I wake up at 9:00imageThen I get up and eat some breakfast. today I had some orange juice with a breakfast sandwichimageMy sister Ava is the first one to wake up. then Elliana, then me, then Makayla,  then Natasha, then my s Lili (Lilliana) (she sleeps in).

then I get dressed. today I could not find anything except for this outfit that does not really go well together but it’s the only thing I can find.

I brush my teeth,do my hair, and put my makeup on then I’m ready for the day.

image then I had to take this survey about Highschool. so I did that it was not very long but my sisters are so loud 😒🙄imagewhen i was finished I decided I would work on this little project so i worked on that for a while.

When  I finished I hung it on our door knob I thought it looked pretty good. what am I saying I thought it looked outstanding!h by the time that was finished it was lunchtime. I had spaghetti, some bread, and fruit punch.  I made sure not to get it on my clothes. Lili sat across from meimage”Do you like my hair?” Lili asked me.

“yeah it looks nice” I told her.

“Thanks. Do you want to go outside after lunch?” She asked.

“NO WAY I do not want bugs all over me. AND  I will get sweaty” I complained.

“ok, whatever you say, but I was going to teach you  how to finally get your cartwheel.” She bribed.

I rolled my eyes. “whatever”

“Okay, I’ll just go hang out with Adri then.”

”bye.” I said.

Then i made this DIY for Ava. she loves dogs and she wanted a stuffed animal of one. image.jpgit’s actually very simple.  I gave it to Ava. She freaked out and she loved it.

Next  I had to go to the store to get supplies. I might pick up some extra makeup. WHAT!? I like makeup.

Anyways  I got neon paint, some paint brushs, cards, stickers, blush, blush, lipgloss, and eyeshadow it was only 49.99 😅image.jpgnext thing you know its already dinner.

me and my siblings had cabbage soup. bleh i hate vegetables but I will eat them if I have to. and I hate soup too.image.jpgthen I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair again, removed my makeup and went to bed. that’s a day in my busy life hope you enjoyed oh and goodnight 😉 img_0273


Barrette- Into the woods- part 2

Part 2 🙂

“Uhhhhhh I’m getting bit tired.” said Mary.

” I am to.” Rachel said.

then they found a black tube.

” let’s go sit on that.” Rachel said.

“ok” Mary said. “we have not found any clues at all to where Margo could be.”

“yeah but let’s not give up now.” Rachel said.

“you are right.” Said Mary  5688302D-2C47-4138-9BBC-BE074AB05612.jpegthe tube started to move

“what’s happening!!!!!” Mary screamed.

”  i don’t know!!!!” Rachel responded.

they screamed and screamed and fell down and down. but there was no response they where to far in the woods for anyone to hear them . then they found themselves in a little mini cottage with another girl.

“well I would let you in if you knocked. she chuckled.

then Rachel stood up. “oh sorry, we fell down a slope and did not know we would end up here.”  she said sarcastically  imagethen the person just looked confused. She and looked out the window.

“a slope?” “There is no slope. there is just a field.”

then Rachel was confused. Mary was too. they looked at each other with not the slightest idea of what was going on.

“I can tell you are looking for something now tell me.” the girl said .

“Margo!” said Mary.

“hmmmm. Margo I…”

“Wait!” Rachel interrupted. “I’m confused. where is the slope. Where did it go?”

“Oh! Now I see! You went through a wall in the woods that brings you to another dimension .” The girl said. “Also, i never told you but my name is Ren.”

“sorry Ren but I do not believe in other dimensions.” Mary said.

” then why isn’t the slope here anymore” Ren said.

” wow we are in another dimension.” Rachel said.

“yes, yes you are.” I will explain that later but first- your barrette-”

Barette- Margo goes missing- Part 1


Mary: Mary is 13.  She is played by Liliana. Margo has always been there for Mary even when Mary’s mother died. her mother never married so she lives with her other best friend Rachel.  the barrette in her hair is from her mother

Rachel: She is played by Makayla. She is 13. Shes best friends with  Avery and friends with Mary

Morgan: Mary and Rachel’s 9 year old sister, played by Grace.

Ren: 19 years old, knows the secrets of the magic, played by Natasha.

Margo: goes missing, played by Piper.

it was a sunny day and the girls got together. Margo,Mary,Rachel,and Avery. They decided to play hide and seek. Mary found everyone except Margo. they looked everywhere she was nowhere to be found. then they got worried and told their parents. their parents contacted the police” the police told the girls not to go looking for her on their own because if we found the kidnapper they might also be kidnapped.

*the next day*

Mary and Rachel went outside in the afternoon and put up posters. Mary had a sad look on her face.

“come on, the more posters we hang the more people will be on the look.” Rachel said as she hung a missing poster.  1BE88A76-8A1A-4E96-A470-70D8142EDD57

“I do not understand where else she would be!” Mary cried

“I don’t know either.” Rachel said.

“what if she got kidnapped.” Marys words where cold, dull and low as she said that that.

“might be it but do not jump to conclusions it might worry you ! Rachel said

“Yeah.” Mary said.

” I think we have to go look.” Mary said.

“the police told us not to.”

“I don’t care! Margo was always there for me now I need to be there for her!” said Mary.

“whatever you say but the police are right to an extent. if she did get kidnaped we might get kinapped too” Rachel reminded her.

” we have to do this.” Mary said.

Rachel sighed. “Okay.”

Mary and Rachel went inside their younger sister was at the kitchen table with her food pushed aside and she was crying. image” what’s wrong?” Mary asked.

” what if Margo was killed by the kidnapper?” She cried.

Mary had a cold stare on Her face and said nothing. Rachel spoke in for her “I’m sure that didn’t happen we do not even know if she got kidnapped.”

Rachel pulled Mary outside.

“you ready?”

“I was born ready.” Mary replied confidently.

they walked over to where they played hide and seek- the woods.

Rachel pointed out ‘of course! She must be in the woods!’ Rachel thought. “we need to go in there.” She said.

“I think your right.”

they held each other by the hand. “ready to find Margo?” Rachel said.

“never have been more ready in my life.”

they went in not knowing what was going to happen or what was in the evil wood.  32983C27-3B63-48F3-B24D-49FC807AB7FB(hey guys AGstreet inspired me to do this I made parts 1-4 already so I hope you enjoyed this part and BTW those are not there real names I think you know that😁!) bye! Part two coming out soon!

Getting a new look

Hey guys I bought a wig from Esty for Lilliana and I’m so excited for you to see!!!!!🤗

here is the link:

$24 Sahara wig from Exquisite doll designs


Now for the packaging:AA741995-6B35-4754-BAF5-D9069318C65895A9F23E-092A-4253-B66E-3B3C29F89BA6I love the packaging now for her bald 😂

Its so weird she never looks like that 🤨😂 also some of these pictures are at my friend Kendra’s house her blog is https://agstreet.wordpress.com2055EA28-B279-4661-A155-EAB29AB93B95which one is better comment your answer now for the part we have all been waiting for!!!!!!😁😆😄😃17EFB2B9-BD85-4F36-B18D-531847B38B02i love the hair it looks so cute on her ❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚💙image.jpgI love it 😊 hope you guys do toimage

Fun with cousins

So today Aubrey and I (Lilliana) decided to meet up with our cousins

So we decided to have a girls day out

So we started by getting ready then went over it their house

Then we had some breakfast at their house

We had some yummy biscuits 😋 they where really good and then we hopped  than we hopped In The car

We have a really long drive. We already have McKenzie sleeping

We arrived at the beach and sat in the warm sun

We all fell to sleep than we got in the ocean. Aubrey floated around, I sat in the shallow part and McKenzie and nia floated around too

The waves where very big I almost got trampled by them! now where drying off and getting packed and ready to leave our home and go to the mountains let’s gooo!!!

We stopped at Chick-fil-A and got chicken tenders and used the bathroom and now where back on the road me and Aubrey have switched and we all fell asleep

We have arrived and we are now stretching for our long journey and hike we rented a cabin for the weekend and got ready for our hike we started in the trail

We had a nice hike and saw a few animals. It was lots of fun and I can’t wait to have some more fun with my cousins!


Getting a new cat

Today me (Makayla) and my sister Ava decided to volunteer at Pet smartimage

All the cats where sooooo cute! then the people showed us where all the toys were  and where the cat food was. then we saw all the cute cats.

“can we get one pleaseeeeee?” Ava begged

I could not help my self either. “we will see.” Is all I said. then when we finished we looked at a black fuzzy kittenimage.jpg

we were just like, “WE NEED HIM!” and so we did. we named it Camembert Jamie Tiny Oreo, but for short we call him Cam Or Jamie.  all of us love him imageme and Ava loved volunteering at pet smart and finding this cute little kitten we all love him


P.S from brianna:

this is our new kitten. We love him so much. We had a lot of fun volunteering at petsmart. We couldn’t contain ourselves, we just love cats, so we got Jamie/Cam. Now I have 3 cats. I love cats.

Best Friends- an AG Phoot shoot

This is a collab with AgStreet. Here is her blog: AgStreet Post

anyways let’s go on with it

AD81B54B-F0F6-4BD0-A996-DDD1932FEC1FCD4EDD36-8B1F-404E-879F-6488AF0F3D06Do you like my neighbors bright red car?


“Adri!” “Hurry up hurry up! The neighbors might see you!” “I’m trying! I just need to see what their WiFi passcode is!”
“Um, Adriana, could you take your ponytail out?” “Why.” “To make the picture look better.” “Fine” she grumbled.
“Oh, oh my,” that sounds a million times worse. “Could you like, fix that mess?”
“There. See that wasn’t that hard, was it?” “Actually it was pretty hard. It took like 10 minutes.” Adriana replies sharply.

Now for some random animal pics!

THere was a deer!!

When you try to take a pic of your cat and realize flash is on😂[[[[
4DFDC224-8EA7-494B-AC2D-C8FA6EA6EC5BD8922A4A-A95D-435B-ADE7-6150B6BDBB4BFLuff ball kitty⬇️CDE76F5E-0CC5-48DB-A73C-EFDF92EC6D3CPancake cat!⬆️

now back to dolls:

(same pic in a bunch of different filters.)3E619649-2C55-4515-9E95-BA14753AED3FA6A5969D-E448-4CF5-80B9-F25BCA2B67B3

pretty hair!!!⬇️


Neon bow!


Ok, that’s enough for now. Bye!